Ways to Achieve the Cinematic Film-Look

Though more filmmakers are using DSLRs nowadays, many still want their footage to look like it was captured with film and not digitally. Digital DSLR cameras with more dynamic range can help you achieve the cinematic film look, though it requires color correction in post.

Video editing software plug-ins such as filmconvert, MAGIC BULLET LOOKS from RedGiant , Color Grading Central are packed with presets to give your video that film-stock appeal. The downside to these software plug-ins however is that it may not work well with low-light footage - making video too dark and looking underexposed.

You can also produce pretty good results and even create presets with video editing software like Sony Vegas PRO, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro by controlling the grain, amount of saturation, white balance and color curves.

Other options to achieving the cinematic-look is by using older vintage lenses. A worn-out lens that is not too sharp may actually add the right amount of grain (or noise) seen in traditional films.

Lastly, remember that many factors such as: Lighting, Camera movement, Audio, Depth-of-field and Aspect ratio - play an important (sometimes overlooked) role in producing video that looks like film.


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